Editeur product information

Syntax highlighting Text Editor and ActiveX. Editeur handles many syntaxes, such as Java, Perl, Html, Php, Python. Product targeting simplicity of use and visual comfort. Multilingual English French Italian Portuguese Russian. New in this version : cobol, rexx and xml syntaxes.


The distribution includes the ActiveX Editeur (and documentation) that you will be able to use to integrate syntax highlighting text editing features into your applications.


Hereunder an Editeur screenshot showing syntax highlighting for various languages. Each language has its own syntax and font. Editeur affords using both fixed fonts and proportional fonts.


The Editeur menus are detailed below to present features of interest and give a general idea about the program.

File menu

To be noticed :

- the "Search" menu item affords searching for a string recursing a sub-tree.

- the "Save and close" and "Save and Exit" commands afford shunting the confirmation dialog boxes whenever exiting the program.

- the history may contain up to 20 files.

Edit menu

To be noticed :

- the Undo and Redo commands can be used an unlimited number of times.

- the Append command affords adding characters to the clipboard.

- the Date/Time command affords inserting the date and time using the Windows short date format.

- different edit commands are proposed for various needs ...

Search menu

Here are a few details on parameters used for searching and replacing. The strings types are tracked and the old values may be reused unwinding the combo boxes.

A bookmark is a visual mark that you can place on a line. By setting several ones, it's possible to quickly move through the file.

Macro menu

The macro menu simply tracks what you type and affords repeating or storing the macro. When you choose "indefinitely", Editeur repeats your macro until it can't do it no more (end of text, end of line, and so on ...).

Tools menu

The tools menu includes the program options, the font choices for viewing and printing texts, spell checking tools, tab size conversion and sorting tools.

A command line is also available and you can define external tools that will be added at the menu bottom.

All these possibilities are detailed below.

To be noticed :

Setting the options is not necessary to begin working. Editeur provides reasonable default values for aIl options.

Here is the options menu :

The colors page affords modifying the colors used for syntax highlight, associating file types to syntaxes, adding or removing syntax libraries:

The filter page affords modifying the file filter list used by the open and save as dialogs.

The language page affords choosing the language used. The modification is done on the fly and you don't need to restart the program. The languages currently handled are English, French, Italian and Russian (the Russian language is available only on cyrillic versions of Windows).

Window menu

Notice that the "Close all texts" and "Save and close all texts" commands are found in the Window menu, and not in the File menu.

Although some persons might be surprised, this is a common practice in programs written for the Windows operating system.

Help menu

the "About" command displays your registration information.